Making Fundraising Simple for Sports Clubs

Our events are easy to organise and offer fantastic fundraising potential

Club Marathon Relay

This full Club fundraising event involves getting all the members of the Club to combine their efforts to run the distance of a Marathon. This will be completed in a relay format. Everything is provided to make this event a massive success for your Club!

Race Of The Rivals

Have you ever thought that your Club was better than "that crowd" down the road? Well now is your chance to prove it! Challenge them to see who can run a Marathon the fastest, and earn the bragging rights, and raise funds at the same time!

Bear In The Square

This is an extremely simple fundraising event that involves minimal work from anyone in your Club. It is based on the outcome of a selected GAA match, members select a square to place their bear in which they think will correspond with the final score.

Eezee Grip

Gloves are an essential piece of kit for every GAA player. Why not be the point of contact for your players to buy them. By using Eezee Grip GAA Gloves, you can purchase top quality gloves at low cost, sell them to your players and use the profits to fund your Club!!

All of our fundraising ideas are designed in a way that makes it as easy as possible for Clubs to raise the maximum amount of money possible.

The goal of Eezee Fundraising is to take the hassle out of fundraising for Clubs, allowing members to enjoy the sport they love without worrying about finances

We put the 'Fun' back in to Fundraising

All of our events require minimal work from anyone in the Club.